My Bond With California is All About Family

Buy California Bonds

California bonds finance investments in our schools, roads, housing, levees, public facilities and other crucial infrastructure projects.

As Treasurer, I am responsible for managing all of the State’s bond sales. I want to make it easy for individuals to make these investments – and pay the same price as large institutional investors. This website will show you how to buy the State’s bonds, such as general obligation bonds to fund State’s infrastructure projects and other needs, and lease-revenue bonds to build State-government buildings, as well as shorter-term notes that help the State manage its cash flow. By investing in these bonds, you will be investing in California – adding to our quality of life and the vibrancy of our economy.

On this website, you will learn more about California bonds and notes, and about how to become an investor. Please visit us again soon. This site will be updated regularly to feature upcoming bond sales, with information specific to the types of bonds being offered.

John Chiang


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